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Recruitment & Retention

“While some organizations are shedding jobs or instituting hiring freezes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, others continue to search for in-demand talent. Yet rather than trying to find or develop these scarce “purple unicorns” through traditional approaches of recruiting or internal training, some enterprising organizations are using job redesign strategies to help fill their talent gaps.” This is the time to look at the talent gaps in your organization and seek individuals to fill those specific needs rather than just fill vacant positions because that position has always been there. To read more on this topic, click here.
Consider Work Redesign to Close Talent Gaps

Educator Recruitment & Retention Symposium

One of the most pressing issues facing California schools is how to staff our classrooms with a stable teaching workforce. On November 13, 2019, the Educator Recruitment & Retention Symposium was held at the Capitol Plaza Ballrooms in Sacramento. Policymakers, school administrators and Human Resources professionals throughout the state attended to network, learn and discuss current issues, and share best practices and ideas.

Plans are underway for a second symposium – date and location to be announced.


Keynote Speaker – Tara Kini, Director, State Policy, Learning Policy Institute

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Panel Discussion – Educator Recruitment & Retention Symposium November 2019

Symposium Highlights – Educator Recruitment & Retention Symposium November 2019


Interview with James Gentilucci

Interview with Mari Minjarez Baptista

Interview with Teri Gern

Interview with Bree Valla

Interview with Christin Newlon

Interview with Donna Glassman-Sommer

Interview with Mary Vixie-Sandy

Interview with Rigel S Massaro


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