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COVID-19 Information for SLOCOE Employees


COVID-19 Employee Health & Safety Protocols

Employee Health Protocols

All staff are expected to follow Public Health Guidelines for physical distancing, face covering and hygiene, pand additional measures as noted below:

Perform a daily self-assessment before you come to work. Employees who display signs of illness will be sent home.

  • Do not come to work if you are feeling sick.
  • Take your temperature prior to entering your workspace.
  • Practice required physical distancing (6’ or more).
  • Employees working onsite at any SLOCOE location will be required to wear a face covering (face masks/coverings will be made available by SLOCOE) when entering buildings/sites, restrooms, workrooms, when walking through any common areas, and when working within 6 feet of each other.
  • While at one’s desk, the use of a mask is voluntary, if social distancing or structural mitigation is available.
  • Practice regular hand washing – 20 seconds – when entering the building, regularly throughout the day, and before exiting.
  • Utilize the COVID-19 materials in your department or COVID-19 cart.
  • Maintain clutter free surfaces and workstations for efficient and regular cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Check in at the COVID-19 cart when entering the worksite for updates and announcements.

Office Protocols

All staff will be trained in the use of cleaning and disinfecting products and will be expected to clean and disinfect their own work stations and any common areas they use. Custodians will clean and disinfect every night as well.

  • Meeting rooms, break rooms, and foyers (waiting areas) will have occupancy signs posted.
  • Only enough chairs and tables will be present in offices and meeting rooms for maximum capacity.


In the event that visitors need to enter the building, they must obtain prior approval and schedule an appointment. Visitors will be required to sign-in/out and follow all health and safety protocols.


Return to worksite protocols

SLOCOE Reopening Plan



What about symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test?

Answer: In the event that a staff member exhibits symptoms, has potential exposure, and has tested positive for COVID-19, SLOCOE will work with Public Health to implement all necessary communication and follow up to support contact tracing and health and safety of staff. Anyone may call SLO County Public Health if a suspected exposure has occurred.

What about seasonal allergies?

Answer: We know that many of us experience seasonal allergies that can cause sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc.. We also know that in the not too distant past co-workers may not have particularly noticed when a colleague sneezed or coughed, and now we are all on heightened alert. We need to take care of one another, and trust that each of us will take responsibility to self monitor and stay home if we are feeling sick. If you develop symptoms during your shift  that are unusual and are not related to seasonal allergies, you should go home. If you work in an area of the office where a coworker is experiencing seasonal allergies, please be compassionate and supportive.

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